Month: May 2011

Quick Sketches on the Tram

Oh crikey, well an attempt at “quick sketches” turned out to be harder than expected. The tram went at quite a speed. Far too fast to make drawings of anything really. So I decided that everytime we reached a stop, I would sketch some green. I believe some practice is in order. Here is how they turned out…


Plans plans plans…

I have to, unfortunately, work today. Whilst on my journey, sat on the Metrolink, I’m planning on sketching some of the sights I see on the way. Obviously going at some speed, it will give me the chance to do quick sketches and get me in the habit of drawing quickly, without paying much attention to detail.

Watercolour Pencils

So here is how my Klimt inspired sketch went. I used watercolour pencils and a 6B. It’s not entirely how I thought it would turn out. Actually, it makes me laugh to think how easy I thought it might be to recreate his style. I tried to emphasise the pale skin with rosy cheeks and smuged, dark outlines. Instead of hair, I decided to bring in some of Klimts patterns and colour. In future pieces, however, I might try a colour chart first, in place of irregular tone. Overall, I enjoyed doing this piece and will continue to use his paintings as inspiration.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt has been one of my favourite artists since high school. I’ve always been drawn to his swirls, spirals and colour technique. Today I will attempt, using Klimt as inspiration, to create a new poratrit using pencils.
Meanwhile, here is a couple of my favourite paintings by this wonderful artist.

Farm Garden with Sunflowers

The Virgin