Month: September 2011


Last July, I thought I’d make an attempt on origami. I managed to do a few basic models and found it surprisingly relaxing, although the Yoda did take, literally, over 2 hours to make.

Here’s the outcome…


The Crane

 The Elephant



Charcoal Potrait – Robbie Coltrane

This is a picture I did a week or so ago, copied from the front cover of ‘Cracker’.
I used charcoal and pencil. I tried to create the smoke effect by using a rubber to erase some of the charcoal. I’ve decided I really like using charcoal (although it’s incredibly messy -but that’s art, I guess) I should probably work on shading a bit more. I find it quite difficult to gradually blend to a darker shade. Some people have said he should be fatter, but I’m not ‘that’ accurate when I draw. I like doing anything arty, but I’m not an expert. Who is?(!) ha! 
More charcoal to come…
What do you think?