Month: October 2012

A Loopy Refusal…

At work, on the first Friday of every month, we can wear our own clothes if we donate £3.00 to the Marie Curie charity. I always pay and take up any chance to get out of the uniform. There is usually a colour theme we are asked to stick to, and it varies as each month passes. Last month was a purple day. I wore my purple skinny jeans and my new Roxy Music vest.

I remember it was a cold night, but I couldn’t resist wearing a bit of Bryan.
That night, a lady colleague said to Steve…
“Does Zara think it’s the middle of Summer wearing a vest?”
Steve replied “No, she’s in love with Roxy Music and she wanted to wear her new top”

Now, this particular lady is one of my favourite people at work because she is very quirky and pretty much a fruitcake. She wears the most odd clothes and I just adore her style. We have had some laughs at work and she occasionally brings in cakes and biscuits that she has baked at home. I always tell her that I wish she was my Auntie, and that when I’m older I’d love to be a little loopy like her. It’s all very bizzare. 

Anyway, back to the story…The lady then walked over to me and said “I have something to tell you, Zara… Bryan Ferry once asked me out”
Now, if you knew this lovely lady, you would know that she’s not the kind of person to lie about something like this -It’s just not the way she rolls.
“What?! Are you kidding me?” I said.
The look on my face must have been the most shocked look I’ve ever pulled.
“Why?!” I shouted .
Which, looking back, probably sounded very insulting, although what I actually meant to say was “What situation were you in, for that to happen?”. Fortunately, she saw the funny side and called me “cheeky“. I started laughing and bombarded her with millions of questions. It turns out that she was leaving her work once and Bryan Ferry was outside by his car with a few people. He started chatting to her and asked if she’d like to join him (wherever he was going). The convo went on, but to cut it short, the lady kindly refused and went home. She said it was only afterwards, in the car on the way home, that she said to herself “Oh wow! That was Bryan Ferry!”
I asked her why she turned him down and she said she just didn’t want to go with him. 
The lady is obviously not as bigger fan as I am! I probably would have tried to ravage him at first sight. This was “back in the day” as well, so he was probably all young and extra hot! …spicy, even!


The (Un)Importance of Being Passionate

I’m back at work now, and I must say that it is grim. Not my job role, particularly, but the sad fact that I don’t have time to study and enjoy my arty activities whilst it’s a working week. I’ve been tempted to quit for a while, for various reasons, main ones being the unsociable hours, no set days off and the general fucking lack of communication between people. I could survive, quite easily, if I didn’t work, but am I willing to cut out the perks of an ‘unsociable hours pay packet’? mmm, I’m not sure about that. I do like ordering Chinese and eating in restaurants. I like buying my Roxy Music cuttings every month. I like being able to save for holidays and paying for new fancy haircuts… but in reality, does any of that matter? I don’t even know anymore.

Ideally, I’d like to work in the ‘education‘ field, maybe in a highschool or university. I enjoy interacting with young people and I’d love to help others move to towards a career/dream that they aspire to come true -Is that cheese? I don’t care. It’s true. I only wish that there was somebody at my highschool, who explained how important our academic decisions were at the time. When I went to college, my chosen subjects were Philosphy/Theology, English Langauge, French and Sociology. Now.. let’s get a few things straight…
Number one: I didn’t even choose French at the time, but some asshole teacher pretty much insisted/made me tick the box. At the time, I wasn’t passionate about French at all, and the only reason my teacher pushed me to pick the subject was because I was getting high grades. To me, high grades aren’t as important as genuinely being passionate about something. I’m not great at art and I’m not even good a keeping up with blogs or writing grammatically correct sentences, but I enjoy doing these things, a lot! Needless to say, French went tits-up.
Number two: What on earth was I thinking choosing philosphy/theology?! I did end up with an A-level, but I didn’t enjoy ONE lesson out of two years work. I felt there was no support from anybody and that lack of preparation at highschool (from the teachers, I might add) resulted in my poor subject choices.
I did leave college with A-Levels and I did attend the Universty of Plymouth studying American Studies with English Language, but it never really got me anywhere did it? It’s only in recent years I’ve realised that my passion lies somewhere in the ‘Languages‘ field. Only now I’m working and it’s difficult to break away. Life gets a bit shit once there’s bills through the letter box and mortgages to deal with. Jobs are no longer enjoyable, but essential.

I have no idea what to do right now.
Maybe this post is asking you guys for advice(?) Or maybe I’m just having a moan. Either way, I know I need to make some major decisons before 2013.

Meanwhile, here’s some bullshit that doesn’t really matter…

 This is my new hair (on the right). I was channeling Ziggy Stardust for a good while, but now I’m going through a love for Audrey Horne. I wonder who’ll be next…

Here’s (just a few) of the language books I have accumulated over the years.

And here’s other news…
Yesterday, I signed up to for the  BUPA GREAT MANCHESTER RUN 2013. The course is 10K.
I completed it last year, in 1hour7mins, but I did NO TRAINING at all (so that’s pretty awesome, really). Anyway, this time I’m hoping knock 15 mins off! -Oh yeh!

A fortnight of no work (Days 7, 8, 9 and 10) Busy and Fizzy

OH WOW! (Virginia-Plain-style) …the past three days (including today) have been busy busy busy…
I cannot even begin to recall the things that have happened, but they have all been GREAT.

My birthday was wonderbar!! I recieved many lovely messages and countless cards, from my family and bestest friends. Steve got me some awesome gifts, including this DAVID BOWIE T-shirt…

My Mum organised a mini get-together the day after my birthday, it was a TOP night. I saw my niece and nephew, and some Aunties I’d not seen in a few weeks. We all had a laugh and some drinks, and my Mum had put on a small buffet…

 One of my favey things from the past few days has definitely got to be a special graphic that had been created for me. It was made by the charming, and most handsome, Successful BryanFerry


 So tonight, I hope to do the two following things…

  • I’m going to write a VERY long email to, quite possibly, the coolest girl I’ve ever met.
  • Experiment with my new oil paints

OK.  I need to do stuff now. BYE!!!!

A fortnight of no work (Day 5 of 14) Simply Random

I’m writing this with the ever so slightest of hangovers -mainly because day 5 was TOP!

In a nutshell (but a big one)

  • So I woke up in the middle of the night. It might have been 4:30am or something. It was still dark. Either way, I got out of bed and had a bowl of soup for breakfast. It was the leftovers from the homemade soup and it was DELICIOUS!
  • Steve surprised me by saying we were going to see Taken 2 at the cinema. I was ecstatic(!) I kinda imagined Taken 2 to be a terrible movie, but Steve knows how much I LOVE Liam Neeson and I’d go and see it just to hear his sexy, deep and hoarse voice -fuck yeh! The film was bad, but LN is too hot to just not see him on screen.We had a right laugh!

The films/TV of the day included… 
Bob Dylan Documentary

  • I did orgnise a bit of my Spanish file, too

My favourite thing of the day…
The Bob Dylan documentary … It was so interesting. I suppose I’ve never really been into Dylan, nor have I ever given his music a second thought. Steve is a huge fan, so I do hear a lot of his tunes around the house, especially when Steve is on guitar. Maybe I’ll give him a go. He seemed like such a sweet guy on the doc.

A fortnight of no work (Day 4 of 14) Tangents and Finnish Art

 It was day 4 of my FABBY days off and I woke up particularly early because I was excited about doing more stuff that’s not casino-related. Wa-hey!
I didn’t have tea for breakfast, I had le jus d’orange with bits. I actually got dug into my Spanish, finally(!) and managed to write out a page or two. Mainly vocabulary and recaps, but it was all good. Steve had gone out shopping for more TOP food (and I imagine some extra birthday presents -HA! Yes, it is my birthday on Friday -HOORAH!) Anyway, whilst I was alone, and the house was silent, I did Spanish-related things and watched three episodes of Fawlty Towers. John Cleese is so bloody funny (and sexy!)

The midday movie (because if you’ve not already guessed -I love film) was Amour of God, one of the first Jackie Chan films I ever saw. It’s not my favourite, but it is quite amusing and there’s lots of the usual, fantastic stunts. Just before the film ended, my Mum dropped in for coffee (she never drinks tea). Anyway, she likes to keep me updated on family stuff and is usually the first to know if something happens within the family circle. My Mum is very TOP. I admire her because she’s a strong woman who knows what she wants, and she pretty much deals with whatever happens and just gets on with it. Yesterday, it occured to me that my Mum always smells nice. She always looks nice, too. If I wake up and feel like dressing like a tramp or not putting make-up on, I’ll just leave the house, regardless. Not my Mum. She always looks TOP

Other movies of yesterday included…
Of Mice and Men (1992)
Demons (1985)
Razorback (1984)
Salem’s Lot (1979) 

Yesterday, Steve made Cioppino. And how delicious it was! It’s a kind of fish stew, traditionally served with crusty bread. Ingredients included… onion, garlic, celery, paprika (red/green), chilli (red/green), fish stock, tomatoes, tomato puree, worcester sauce, white wine, olive oil, salt/pepper, basil/oregano, cayenne pepper, cod, mussels, squid and king prawns.

Other stuff
The night ended with a short convo wth a lovely girl from Finland. I messaged her about her art and asked if she could draw me a picture of the dreamy Bryan Ferry.
Her art Tumblr is HERE!
I just like the way her drawings are so natural and random, and experimental. It reminds me of stuff I “attempt” to do, but can never get quite right. There’s some TOP pictures of Bowie and some detailed faces, which are cool. I dunno. I guess I just like her art because it’s not over-done or pretentious.
I’m looking forward to my Bryan Ferry portrait. It would also be nice to own some Finnish art.

Once again, I fell asleep on the couch. I’m beginning to like it.

A fortnight of no work (Day 3 of 14) Homemade Soup

Well, guess what I didn’t do yesterday?

Yes. My Spanish studies.

Naughty naughty.

Seriously though, do you really blame me? I’m off work, I have a billion movies I’d love to watch, a desk full of pens and colours and glue, lot’s of good food in the house.. etc.

Yesterday morning, I had toast for breakfast, with two cups of Earl Grey. OBV.

I decided to start my Spanish course around midday, but went to the supermarket instead. Lot’s of awesome food (ie. jazz apples, persimon, fish, almond milk, etc) was purchased and what appeared to be a TOP shop, turned out to be a little embarrassing… I went over the lottory counter, to claim my £4.60 winnings from the last Euromillions, and it turns out I was mistaken, and had infact won ZIP! Eventhough I apologised, I’m sure the ladies assumed I was trying pull a fast one -as if! I had checked the numbers online on Friday and it had come up with “winning ticket”. That’s the last time I trust a computer generated checker.

When I returned home I made myself a Bloody Mary and attempted my Spanish, which basically turned out to be a Tumblring night, with a bit of movie-watching mixed in -Oh Crikey!
Earlier on that day, some dude had told me that he was doing hardly anything for the day, because Sunday is Lazy Sunday. I think I kinda thought about that too much, hence no Spanish…

Homemade vegetable soup was also part of yesterday and it was probably the tastiest soup I’ve had in ages.
Ingredients included…
Spring cabbage
Red/Green chillis

The night ended with Poltergeist on screen. I lay on the couch and wrapped myself up with a duvet. I woke up about 1am, not with a dead arm, but a dead leg. HA!

I prayed for Bryan Ferry dreams, but I got a weird dream about a house with three floors instead.

I’m not going to make any promises about today’s events. It turns out that nothing ever goes to plan, anyway. 

A fortnight of no work (Day 2 of 14) A pleasant visit

Yesterday, day TWO of my holiday, was spent cleaning and generally enjoying the freedom of no work. When I awoke I watched an episode of Ren and Stimpy (Fake Dad) whilst I drunk tea and ate our Friday’s Box of Graze. Then it was an episode of Spiderman and his Amazing Friends whilst I hoovered and dusted my desk. Dumb and Dumber was the third screening of the day, which I only decided to watch after remembering how much I have neglected my love for Jim Carrey over the years. God, I love that guy! He always makes me laugh!

It was whilst I was drying my hair after a bath, that my Dad rung the doorbell and arrived with my brother. Whenever my Dad visits, he always has a cup of Earl Grey (It’s his favoruite type of tea). Infact, I think the only reason I love EG so much is because of my Dad. He always used to drink it at home, and whenever we used to visit family, he’d always be cheeky and ask if they had it.

Anyway, we always have a right laugh when my Dad’s here. He’s constantly funny and always tells us the most hilarious stories about his work shenanigans and how his allotment is progressing. When he’s not working or looking after the kids, he spends a lot of time gardening. He’s a good gardener and I always wish he had more time for it, because he’s so passionate about plants… and nature in general, really.

On a tangent, we got onto the subject of music, and we all ended up watching some Bowie documentaries and few music videos. I was in my element. As if that wasn’t great enough, my Dad asked if we could put on some Roxy Music footage… I was like, YES YES YES! We watched Bryan for a while and my Dad started reminiscing about vinyl he had bought as a teenager. I already know how TOP my Dad is, but the whole time he was here reminded me of how true it is.

The night ended when I fell asleep to a zombie movie called ‘Manhatten Baby’. I woke up on the couch with a dead arm and a cat mewing in my ear.

OK. So it’s another day today… I feel a Spanish day on the horizon…

A fortnight of no work (Day 1 of 14) Gateau, Films and Guinness

Well, it is day ONE of my holiday and I have basically relaxed on the couch all evening. Firstly, I indulged in a quarter of my (early) birthday cake, which I recieved from my lovely friend, Janette. It was a black forest gateau with dark chocolate shavings on top with purple glitter.

The photo really doesn’t do this cake any justice. It was divine. I enjoyed it with a cup of Earl Grey whilst watching Police Story II. Jackie Chan is TOP! I always enjoy his films. They are so funny and happy. Eventhough they have a violent element, they are always done in jest. I especially love the outtakes at the end of his films. Over the years, I have watched many Jackie Chan movies, but it without any doubt that my favourite is ‘Drunken Master’. For me, there are two kinds of Jackie Chan films, and it’s as basic as this… They’re either traditonal martial arts-style or it’s “cops and robbers” in the city. Both are fun when it’s Jackie Chan.
I’ve said the words ‘Jackie Chan’ too much, haven’t I?
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan…Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan…

 So, I am now drinking Guinness and watching a movie called ‘Rolling Thunder’. I notice that Tommy Lee Jones is especially young in this. So far, it hasn’t got my attention, but we’ll see. I suppose I always write about my love for comedy and horror (maybe even in the mix), but I do LOVE a good action film, which is apparently the genre of this film, although it has not yet been established to the viewers. I grew up watching James Bond with my Dad, so I’ve always loved a few scraps here and there. Actually, is James Bond comedy? HA! Maybe when Roger was Bond, yeh.

**oooh wait… for the time it has taken me to write this short post, this movie is turning out to be pretty groovy… when this guy has recovered from his injuries he is going to be well pissed at the bad guys. I sense some harsh revenged and few fights!**

Anyway, I hope to be extra-productive on my days off…Friends, Spanish and Art will be TOP priority. One day, however, will be dedicated to Roxy Music and my new add-ons to my collection.

**OMG! A guy just had his ball sack ripped with a hook… he was a bad guy…BahHAHAhaha!**

Oh Crikey! This post is so random. I think it’s time to open another can.

Friends, les amis & los amigos

Today, I officially started my new Spanish course. I’m still excited about it all. Immediately I’ve realised that the first thing I need to work on is my accent. I still have the French twang, which I think sounds pretty great, but that’s not gonna get me marks, is it?
Anyway, it’s been the basics today… Hola, buenos dias…etc. It’s certainly a start.
I’ve already made friends with some dude on Skype, who’s apparently a novice in Spanish too, but he knows good French –ooh la la!

…I’ve still not posted arty stuff, have i? Oh well. My writing is art. You are art. LIFE…is art! That’ll do for now…

Oh yeh, speaking of life,  my old friend got back in touch and things are looking TOP! I’m happy about that. This year has been a “good people” kind of year…It started when I met a bunch of cool people during my stay in France (far too many to mention!), then my niece Millie was born (and well, she’s obv. cool having an Auntie like me), then I met a KOOKY American girl who loves Bryan Ferry (who’s my most favourite American person of all time), then I met the lovely Susana who studies French with me and has Spanish as her native lingo (a big help!)…and now I’m making friends with new people on my Spanish course!