Month: January 2013

January Holiday – Day 4 of 11

A quartered day…

Wow! I am absolutely pooped. Today has involved a lot of walking and organising.
We woke up really early andwent to B&Q for a new kitchen design. It was exciting because the fire alarm went off and all customers and staff were escorted outside. Thankfully, it was nothing serious and we were back inside within minutes. Still, a little bit of excitement for 8:30 in the morning was quite refreshing.

I spent the second quarter of my day at a children’s play centre with my niece and nephew. I was probably more excited than the kids, because I finally had an excuse to climb on the frames and through the tunnels. At one point, I even clambered across a net bridge and went down, what I would descibe, as a fast, tummy-turning slide. The little munchkins loved it and so did Auntie Zara. When it was time to leave we all went to an italian restaurant where, because I wasn’t so hungry, I ordered a tomato and cheese omelette -not the most authentic-Italian meal I could have ordered, but I always eat what I feel like, and at 12:30pm today I felt like les œufs. Reminds me of the time I ordered a prawn cocktail from a kebab shop at 3am, and Steve was almost too embarrassed to order. The prawns really were vile. Great times!

I was so excited when I saw a Bryan Ferry T-shirt this afternoon. I immediately bought it for Steve, and tomorrow I’ll be heading back to buy a second one for me. It’s true, they are T-shirts for men, but I’ve always wanted a Bryan Ferry nightie anyway, hehe. Awesome.
Kate Moss looks pretty hot, too. The ‘Olympia’ album cover is cool.

 Now I am sat up in bed drinking apple juice and watching ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’ -Oh, how I love his suit and his naughty laugh. It’s most likely I won’t be watching the end of this film, as I’ll probably fall asleep any minute. Tomorrow, there will be shopping arriving early morning, a visit from Kat in the afternoon and then off to B&Q for more designing -yeh!

to be continued after some ZZZzzz…


January Holiday – Day 3 of 11

Everything about today has been TOP. A builder came round to our house this afternoon, and gave us quotes on a new kitchen and bedroom work. He was a really genuine guy, middle-aged with a deep Liam-Neeson-type voice. Oo-er. More importantly, however, the quote was quite reasonable and if all goes well he shall return at the end of the week to make our house look pretty and FAB.
As soon as he left, Steve and I went into town for a walk. He bought himself a few cool items, including the black, leather, studded chest you can see above, which makes me laugh because it looks so sinister just sitting in our house. Steve has told me he’s going to fill it with stuff -oh crikey!
He also got a baby book, some extra-cool note books and a Bowie mug. He’s so sweet.
At the moment, I’m not feeling too great and my belly hurts a little. Steve has made me a bed on the couch and brought me apple juice. We just watched a Roxy Music concert together (yes, it truly is great having a husband who loves Bryan Ferry as much as I do) and now he has put on ‘Afterlife’ whilst we relax for the night. If you have not seen this wonderful film then I highly recommend it. Liam Neeson’s performance is just… oh wow!
This week free from work is being beautiful.

January Holiday – Day 2 of 11

The following post is a pretty much a short, journal entry of my life yesterday. Here goes…

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45am. The first thing I did was check my online mail… and what a treat that was. I recieved such a nice email from a far way friend that it really gave me an energy boost for the day. I think I pretty much still have the buzz. You know when you recieve letters that are free from bullshit and they’re just a genuine, friendly, positive message? Well, it was one of those kind of emails. A smile. When I had finally got over my stupid grinning, I got up and had a bowl of Weetabix and some toast before having a long, deep bath. After that, Steve and I lay in bed and listened to the Avalon album. We later realised we had discussed every song in detail as it played. That was pretty funny.

Early afternoon, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and cream, and awaited the arrival of my Dad and the kids. When he arrived, I made him his usual cup of Earl Grey and he proceeded to update us on his latest jokes. They’re usually dad-style funny, which means you only laugh because you love him so much -Oh Crikey!

…More coffee was brewed later when my Mum joined us. Lovely.

All in all, I enjoyed today, but I was a little naughty in skipping Spanish studies. Alas, it was Sunday and I wanted to rest. Today is Monday and more great, educational things lie ahead. Yes!

I wish you all a great day and I shall talk later. Au revoir.

PS // Other things that happened during the day…

  • I arranged to meet my sister on Tuesday, which means that’s one goal I can cross off my list.
  • Whilst Steve went shopping, I stayed at Grandma’s house and we chatted over bowls of hot, homemade, chicken noodle soup.
  • In the evening, Steve made more homemade, vegetable soup and we watched PCBH.

January Holiday – DAY 1 of 11

Good afternoon fellow readers and bloggers…
Today, I am especially happy as it’s the start of 11 glorious days off. Outside is icy, the snow is thick and it’s a bright, lovely day. I have so many things to do this week, and that includes catching up on some deep sleeps. The first thing I plan to do is catch up on my Spanish. I’ve caught up a lot during the past week, so I’m really excited about staying in the mood for a language that I can feel myself -finally- warming to. Things are much more enjoyable if you can see yourself making progress, so… hoorah!
Okay. That is all I’m going to say today.

Goals for the week: (in no particular order)

  • A day with my sister and the children
  • A date with my friend Kate
  • Finally send a box of cool stuff to my TOP friend in the USA
  • Work on my Roxy Music scrapbook
  • Put at least one item for sale in my shop
  • Complete Spanish TMA 02

Therapeutic Doodling and an Open Mind

I’m in the process of tidying my room. I feel like a teenager. Honestly, it’s a complete mess. Or at least it was until I started the cleaning about an hour ago. My weeks holiday offically starts on 26th January, so it would be nice to conduct my art in the presence of a tidy home.

I know I’ve not posted much on my blog this year, but I’ve mainly been doodling more than anything. It’s been quite therapeutic for these cold, work-stressed days. The drawing you see above is the result of some doodling I did the other day, using fineliners on watercolour paper. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, but Steve says it reminds him of some Aztec art.

Since not doing much blogging, I’ve had a while to think about my Etsy shop… Whilst it’s a good idea, I’ve concluded that I’d need more free time to actually start a “shop”. Although, that doesn’t mean I won’t be selling any crafty things, it just means I won’t be putting on masses of rushed ACEOs.
Any kind of creative work is good, even if it is in minimal quantity.

I’m currently in the middle of doing my Modern Languages degree, and whilst the French part is highly enjoyable, my Spanish isn’t as great and it’s a struggle to keep up with things I’m not really passionate about. I will succeed, however, because I like to win. Nevertheless, I do think it’s important I keep this art blog going, because it’s one of the very few things I do where I have no deadlines or grading. And I like that.

Today I have a day off, so I may very well make a pot of tea and focus on some Spanish studies for a change. I’ve not opened my books for so long that I’m dreading seeing how far behind I am. I am usually okay at catching up, but later on in the course, it going to get tough and it won’t be as easy to ignore chapters. Oh crikey(!)

Firstly, however, I have an egg custard tart that awaits its death…


This is the ACEO I did two days ago. I’m really glad I didn’t list in my shop because I think it looks a little bare… boring, even. It looked pretty good on the night, when I was really tired, but now I’m not so sure. I do like my work to look colourful and fussy, most of the time. I think I’m going to work on it. We’ll see.

Last night, I spent a while making plans regarding the refurb of my blog and shop, and I believe it would be more accurate to say it will probably be ready early February, rather than late January. I have so much to do, and eventhough I really enjoy it once I get stuck-in, I don’t want to be rushing.

Tomorrow is a free afternoon/evening, so there’s lots of web designing to be done, too -Hoorah!

Meanwhile, please get in touch with your comments and thoughts on my work so far. It would be good to hear how others see my progress. I love talking to new people, from anywhere in the world, so just say hello.

Ciao for now.


Desks and Postcards

I’ve had the whole night free this evening, so I decided to give my desk a tidy. It really needed sorting out. It has been somewhat neglected for a while, which I believe is the main reason I’ve not been getting many illustrations done. Every once in a while, I organise my desk and it always ends up looking pretty much the same -I must like it that way.

For those of you who have not seen, I have recently renewed an item at Kitsy Eyeball -A set of four postcards. You can see them here and purchase the set for just £2.99.

I am really looking forward to having more items in my shop. I found out today that I have a holiday due at the end of January, so that will be perfect to make the final touches to my blog and the shop.
I did design another ACEO today, but I will post about that tomorrow.

Bonne nuit for now.