Au revoir!

This post is just what the title says… I’m giving up the blog for a long while, probably forever. Infact, I’m quitting social networking altogether. Twitter, Tumblr, Bucketlist, Facebook… you name it -Goodbye! I did leave Facebook once, but I’m so undisciplined that I just joined again. Bah! Not this time. Real life is being far too great.

I had planned on writing so much in this post, but there really isn’t much to say. I’m far too excited about my new life and I feel I have become somewhat distant from the practical things I used to enjoy. I appreciate my blog stats have risen throughout the past months – thank you to all that read – but for reasons of which I can’t explain, all of that has suddenly become very unimportant in my life.

I’ve always kept a handwritten diary since the age of about 11 years old, but these days I rarely write a full-paged entry because I feel the need to update blogs and all the online pages I have created over the years. I truly think something positive will come out of this decision. I’ve already wrote in my diary so much these past few days, and it makes me feel extra-happy(!)
Of course, there’s always people who’ll say “Oh, you’ll be back“, but that’s okay, because those are the unsupportive people who’ll never leave, anyway. Right now, the only vibes I accept are positive ones.

So, adios social networking and au revoir monthly blog -It’s been groovy!


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