Month: October 2013

Ideas That Go Nowhere

I’ve been laughing at my ‘Au Revoir’ post. I was so set on leaving social networking altogether, but because it all plays such a big part of modern day life, one almost feels isolated if they push it away and ignore it. So, here I am again, continuing a blog where the aim is unclear and the content so randomized and unfocused, that having consistent followers is something that may never happen. I guess I’ll class this as my online journal for now. Besides, it’s something I enjoy doing every now and then. I might even open my shop again. I’m on maternity leave ’til February so I should have plenty of time to share lots of crafty ideas and arts. That said, I’m full of so many ideas that I never seem to focus on one and get it done. My life is full of half-complete projects. 
So, November/December? Let’s see what I can squeeze out of what’s left of this year…


An Evening with Bryan Ferry -Manchester, UK 26/10/13

So I’m back blogging, again. So much has happend since I last posted. I still spend a lot of time on arts/crafts and languages, but we’ll talk about all that later, now -onto the post… the title says it all, I finally met my most favourite artist of all time –BRYAN FERRY!
The night was AMAZING! A lovely glass of wine to start the evening, before finding out we had been promoted to very front, centre viewing of ‘An Evening with Bryan Ferry’. The show was unbelievable and Bryan Ferry looked gorgeous! He first appeared in a floral, satin blazer, blue velvet suit-trousers and bow tie (which he dreamily unfastened during the show). He sung such a vast variety of Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry solos, it really was magical to hear it live. After intermisson, Bryan had changed into his black/navy suit and tie, and then followed with more classics. Soon enough, everybody rushed the stage. The whole audience were up dancing and singing along with Bryan and his orchestra. ‘Love is the Drug’, in particular, seemed to excite each person, as couples loved, singles danced and others sang along and showed fandom.
Post the show, in the VIP lounge, we were all served drinks and Bryan Ferry joined us shortly after. It was so fabulous to say hello to him. I said how nice it was to finally meet him and he was really polite before we had our picture taken. Later on, I had my photograph taken again. Bryan smiled at me and said “ooh, hello again!” It was all very exciting. Both Bryan’s sons, Isaac and Tara were in the lounge, too. Later on, I asked Tara if I could have a photograph with him -he was so friendly- He asked if I’d enjoyed the gig, and said himself that it was a great show. The chat was short and sweet, before we stood against the wall as he put him arm around me for a picture -hehe. Towards the end of the night, just as Bryan was about to leave, I kindly asked if he’d sign my ’Roxy Music’ scrapbook. He did (*dreamy sigh*), he quickly scanned the front pictures as he wasn’t sure where to put his autograph. I pointed to the page and said “Oh, if you wouldn’t mind signing just there… thank you..” He looked back at me and gave a nice smile. It would have been amazing to have a long chat, but I’m just grateful he took the time to see his fans and allow people the opportunity to meet him in person. He really was a gentleman, and I’m so happy that I’ve met my favouite musician/artist of all time.
Bryan Ferry and I
Bryan Ferry’s Autograph in my ‘Roxy Music’ scrapbook

Tara Ferry and I