Month: December 2013

Kitsy Eyeball – Short and Sweet

Wow! The festive season is here, which means it is close to a fresh year. New Years Day is my most favourite holiday. Of course, one can start new and exciting plans at anytime, but January 1st just sounds nice and rounded-off. I hope my shop ‘Kitsy Eyeball‘ gets a good start in 2014. I’ve already got  few crafty ideas, most of which still need to be transfered from my brain to my working hands. However, just to get into the crafty spirit, I have personlised beaded keychains for sale, which you can purchase here

My beaded keychains

Okay, so it’s hardly the most original idea, but this is barely an hors d’oeuvre. I need something to be doing whilst I brainstorm more plans for Kitsy Eyeball.

More items for sale and posts to some soon. A big THANK YOU to all my followers and blog readers, you guys are fabulous!

Okie dokie…I’m going to enjoy my decaf Yorkshire Tea before getting into bed with hopes of having some awesome, lucid dreams.