Month: July 2014

Why are you so bloody positive all the time?!

I suppose today’s writings are a lot about reflection. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with regular posts (currently that of ‘Eleven Eclectic Days’), but whilst missed posts are mostly at the cause of laziness, in this case I’m happy to report that things have been far too wonderful to find time to conclude.

I’m not even sure what this blog’s about anymore. It had orginally began as my art blog, but has slowly developed into a blank internet space for my thoughts – a sporadic journal if you will. My handwritten diaries each have a name, and when it’s time to start a fresh one (which isn’t always January 1st, as I tend to complete dateless notebooks -some days are worth more than a single page, ya know?) I give the diary a name and continue to write my thoughts as if my diary were a person. Diaries are an amazing way to relieve stress and negatives thoughts. Of course, it’s always better to write the positives, especially if you plan on looking back once in a while. For me, it works.

I’m wondering… Who are you?
I’m wondering… What kind of person are you?
I’m wondering… Do you even like my blog?
I’m wondering… Do you have a blog, and would you share?
I am interested to know about you!
If you are reading this then at least we have one thing in common >Blog-reading< I like to read other peoples' blogs, too. Then again, maybe we're reading for different reasons. Most of the time, I like to read for inspiration, and other times I just like reading about how other people live and what they like doing during their lunch hour.

Somebody made me laugh recently when they remarked on how I’m always positive and happy, and asked how does nothing ever go wrong for me(?)
I mean, really? C’mon man. HA!
I’m not a fan of posting the negative. What does it really do besides promote other forms of negativity? That doesn’t mean to say you ignore problems, because they will arise at some point, but most people have their own shit to deal with and don’t really want to hear about yours anyway – unless they’re nosey and relish in your failures -Eeek! and then there’s the minority who are genuinely concerned (Yes, most people are dicks). I would say that if you’d like to be that positive person then just make it happen. Stop talking about rubbish stuff, stop wondering if you’re winning the rat race and stop this “comparing nonsense” that seems to be the focalpoint of social networking. Instead, start talking about cool stuff you did and start trying to make postive changes within your life and pick up the book you’ve been meaning to read for ten years…



EEE – DAY 2 OF 11 (Sunday, 6th July)

Sunday was a good, earthly day. However, I’m going to say now that I’m not finding it easy to put all what happened into words. I can only say that the day was so lovely and happy, that I wouldn’t want to over-analyse.

In the morning, my Dad came to collect me for a trip to his allotment. I’ve always loved going to my Dad’s garden, but in recent years there has only been a few occasions I’ve actually visited. Gardening has always been a special thing for him and I think he’d like to share some of those passions with his grandchildren.

Currently, my Dad grows…

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Strawberries
  • Leeks
  • Peas
  • Bluberries
  • Rhubarb
  • Cucumbers
  • Plums
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Berries
  • Chillis


Almost 5 months without a single post. Has it really been that long? Well, yes -as usual.
Sooo, a quick summary to update you…

Well, on the art front I’m still on a steady progression onwards and upwards. I’ve been attending a regular art class once a week for two hours, and it’s quite literally painting for pleasure. I’ll post some photos of arty things during the next 11 days, so keep a lookout, peeps! Although this coming Wednesday is the last class for this course, I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every moment and also met some super-cool people in the process. Remember the guy I mentioned in my previous post who helped us Redvale ladies with the ‘Sunflowers’ painting? Well, I managed to get in touch with him after the taster class, and he kindly offered me a place in one of his private art classes. Turns out he’s a pretty cool guy who not only has a passion for art, but also likes running. Which, coincidentally, has also become a major part of my life in recent months, too. As well as continuing to keep in shape, I have found something amazing about the outdoors. I invested in some decent running shoes, took to the roads, and after weeks of training, I completed the 10K Bupa Great Manchester run, with a finishing time of 63 minutes! Despite finishing 3 minutes over target, I managed to beat my last time of 67 mins. The day itself was fantastic and the atmosphere made me quite emotional.

So okay, Presently I have 11 days off work and I plan to do something worthwhile everyday…Let’s see how this goes then…

DAY 1 OF 11 (Saturday, 5th July)
This day was particularly amazing, as it was the day of the Manchester Colour Run. (An event in aid of Save The Children, sponsored by Dulux paint) The idea was to run solo or as a team, and complete a 5k route where we would be showered in a new colour of paint at each 1k mark.
Here’s our group AKA The Artful Dodgers…At this point, we had just passed the blue 2k mark!

The run wasn’t half as tiresome as I’d expected and the weather was an absolute beaut. It truly was the happiest 5K on the planet.  <> After the run was over and hugs were exchanged, my Mum and I headed for the tram home. After grabbing some food, I went home for a much needed nap. A truly FABULOUS start to my 11 days off!