Yes, I Still Heart Art

Righty-ho! Just had a massive glance at this blog -What on earth is going on? So much junk. So much absolute crap. In fact, the cringe-factor is so strong I am literally holding on to my face for dear life. I lost the ability to write somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, I’m far too sentimental to delete posts so apologies all round.

Uhm. I might actually write about my art today, which was the original purpose of this blog in the first place. For a while now I’ve been dabbling in lots of crafty stuff but not really getting anywhere. I suppose I never really focused on anything specific and just hoped something great might happen. And well, it’s not really. Not in the art form anyway. And this is okay because for once, rather than feeling stressed and pressured about needing to make sure the art is done, I’ve felt free to experiment at my own pace without the deadlines, and that gives me a wonderful feeling. I’ve made the decision to create a new blog that will consist solely of my art. This should be ready next week, as I’m still in the process of organising my work. It really is all over the place. I’m a bit of a douche like that.

Meanwhile, I’ve been completing a few art pieces for friends. I still have a watercolour pencil feline to finish, along with an anonymous portrait in acrylic and two portraits of Ralph Steadman in ink. They’re all going pretty well. I’ll be sure to post the completed work on my new blog when it’s ready.

Au revoir for now.


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