Month: January 2015

Collage/Mixed Media


Tonight I’ve been playing around with collage/mixed media. This is one of the few mini pieces I completed this evening. It’s pencil, watercolour and ink on A6 card. It’s not a masterpiece, but it is part of yet another side-project for my sketchbook. It was fun exploring something other than acrylics and fineliner, and I’m going to do some more of this kind of thing soon. For now, I’m currently working on two portraits which should hopefully be completed by mid-February.

As always, thank you for supporting my art 🙂


Art Over French

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally managed to take the first steps towards making my blog appear a bit jazzy. Do take a look around.

Whilst I originally intended to solely post my art work, it has recently come to light that I will most likely benefit from the written word, as well. I’m hoping that through regular blogging I will be able find some kind of theme for my new portfolio.

For now, here’s a bit of information you don’t really need to know, but something that’s relevant to my new art journey…

I recently decided to leave university. I’ve been a student of French for a couple of years, working towards a degree in Modern Languages. My marks were often above average, it was something I was good at and I enjoyed it, most of the time. However, during the course I often found myself replacing potential study-time with a new drawing. And then, feeling guilty about it. There were many times I considered dropping everything for a career in art, but I either convinced myself I weren’t good enough or insisted that it was too late to start. How could I involve art in my life alongside my language studies? I settled for evening classes once a week, and through the course I had made two brilliant friends, including my new art tutor -a wonderful man with the patience of a saint and a heart of gold. I would always leave the lesson feeling inspired and even more tempted to make art a bigger part of my life. I never did anything about it. Ever.

Christmas 2014, my art teacher (and dear friend) suddenly passed away. It was truly shocking and a very sad time for many. During this period, I made the decision to leave my language course and pursue a new creative path. This is something I’ve never been brave enough to do, but through the inspiration of my tutor I am finally going to do it. Forget about time. The place to be is here and now.

There will always be a special place in my heart for French, and no doubt I’ll continue to learn in the future, but for now I am happy. I feel content with my decision.

It was my intention to apply for a position in art school this year, but after a long think it seemed more sensible to wait until my portfolio is a sure pass –something it currently isn’t, but certainly something I’m capable of putting together for next year.

And so, my journey has begun…

Some Words

Thank you very much to each visitor of my blog. I really do love sharing my art, just as much as I love perusing others’ work, too. I sincerely hope you enjoy my posts.

I have also set up a Facebook page for my work if you fancy a wander…

I’m looking forward to more sketching tonight and maybe even some collage work. I’ll see what the night brings.


New Painting

This is the latest of my new works -‘Three Tomato Vine’.

It’s the first ‘still life’ I have painted in a very long time, and it turned out okay, despite the dim lighting I had to work with. This piece is acrylics on canvas (my current favourite materials).

I’m looking forward to posting more drawings soon, too. I’ve made a really positive start in my sketchbook: Lots of anatomical drawings and fineliner work. All sketching is good sketching.

Three Tomato Vine

Anatomical Sketchbook

You’ll be seeing a lot of my anatomical sketches in the following weeks to come. The human anatomy is something that I’ve never focused on- in drawing terms- but it’s certainly an area I hope to improve in. Today I sketched my hands using fineliner -the first two drawings for my sketchbook. I found proportion quite challenging, but with practice…

zara 2 zara 1