15-Minutes Biro-Sketches

I usually try to do a doodle everytime I get a spare fifteen minutes or so. Here’s a few from recently. Nothing spesh, but any excuse to get arty (:







    1. Thank you 🙂
      Biro smell? *sniff sniff* Not really. Hehe. It may very well have faded by now.
      The plait was a quick rush during a dinner break. The angles are not quite right, but I like it too. I’m thinking it might look good if I took more time and completed a version in coloured pencils 😀


      1. Maybe the chemicals they use have changed over the years. It must literally be years since I picked one up. I tend to use fountain pens (yes… I am pretentious in this one regard. OK, maybe others too 😉 ), and sometimes gel pens.
        I remember as a kid though, when it’s common to do blocks of colour when doodling, that the biro ink (i) took longer to dry than one might imagine and (ii) had a distinctive smell.
        Nobody knows what a biro is in Canada. They’re “ballpoint pens”. It’s interesting how the UK and north America have used or rejected brand names as generic terms. “Felt tip pens” are known here by the brand “Sharpie”, plasters are Band-Aids, tissues are Kleenex yet hoovers are known by the generic term “vacuums”.


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