Hallway Art


This picture shows the first five layers of the painting that will eventually be hanging in my hallway, or if it’s really great… my living room! I thoroughly enjoyed starting this piece and It’d be nice if it were hung before summer arrived. I’ll probably brighten it up a bit before I finally declare it finished, but we’ll see. I’m literally painting as I go with this one. I have to be feeling when brush touches canvas.



    1. Hi QE ,
      The blood red colour was chosen simply because it will match the carpets and exisiting decor in my house. The other colours are completely random. So far, I think it’s a bit morbid and could do with brightening up, but I can’t paint unless I’m in the mood, so I’m just waiting for a burst of inspiration 🙂 As for the size… I’m not at home to measure up right now, but I’d guess at about 18” x 24”, perhaps a bit bigger. I’ve used so much paint on this canvas -it’s crazy! Admittedly, a lot on hands and ocassionally my face, but that can’t be helped. It’s rare my hands are ever completely free of some kind of ink or marker. The worst is charcoal on your pinky and heel of your hand 🙂


      1. Ha! As a left-handed user of a fountain pen, I can relate. Thankfully the ink I use these days is a lot quicker to dry than the standard blue/black “Quink” I used at school. If I tell my kids I was “inked” when I was 11, they would think I was some kind of street thug.


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