March was a productive month for doodles. I got into the habit of carrying my sketchbook everywhere and it resulted in lots of page-filling. The extra day I gained after dropping my work hours has proven to have a positive outcome as well, so that was a good move. As much as I love taking the bus to work, it’s nice to have less travel time and more hours to do creative stuff.

The idea for the diary didn’t workout, though. Whenever I seemed to search for a day to look back on there was a missing entry. Turns out, that in almost every journal, March has always been the month with the least entries. It was really odd. The only conclusion I came to was that the month of March might be a bit of ‘come down’ month. January is most likely going to be filled with “hope” for the year, Februrary might still be quite exciting and you may have even added some new goals to the year, but by March a few things may have not gone to plan already and you might have started to give up on ideas or letting those New Years Resolutions slip. On the other hand, it could also mean that your life has been so exciting that you’ve simply not had the time to follow through a page-a-day of writing. Unfortunately, it’s probably more the former rather the latter.

These patterns below happened by accident. They originally began as biro-doodles, and whilst it’s how they appear to remain, it took a while to line the shaded areas and they are no longer just silly drawings to me. In fact, I actually like them very much. I was getting lazy with my sketch booklast year, so to see a completed page makes me feel quite prolific. That’s good. I think I like fig. 1 best. It reminds me of something sciencey; like little molecules of blood flowing through my veins or something like that. I might attempt more of these patterns in colour.

zara 1

Fig. 2


zara 3

Fig. 2


April is almost at an end and things seem to be panning out okay. I’ve got a few work-related plans that should change my life for the better if it all works out and I’ve got some good ideas for producing some work of exhibition standard. I need to think about getting an art CV together which is going to prove difficult seeing as I’ve not gained any academic qualifications in that field, nor have I ever had anything exhibited. I think if I put my mind to it then something positive will come out of all this nonsense.

Anyway, I’ve since created a new art page, which is bascially a mini side project for fun. It’s a space to share my limericks and loony characters… it’s a bit silly really. You can check that page out HERE.  I’m not even sure what makes a limerick great, and mine are quite childish to be honest, but I like creating the troupe, some of which are loosely based on people I know or have met at some point in my life.

Now I’m super-excited about May and I’ll be posting more artwork soon…




Au revoir!

This post is just what the title says… I’m giving up the blog for a long while, probably forever. Infact, I’m quitting social networking altogether. Twitter, Tumblr, Bucketlist, Facebook… you name it -Goodbye! I did leave Facebook once, but I’m so undisciplined that I just joined again. Bah! Not this time. Real life is being far too great.

I had planned on writing so much in this post, but there really isn’t much to say. I’m far too excited about my new life and I feel I have become somewhat distant from the practical things I used to enjoy. I appreciate my blog stats have risen throughout the past months – thank you to all that read – but for reasons of which I can’t explain, all of that has suddenly become very unimportant in my life.

I’ve always kept a handwritten diary since the age of about 11 years old, but these days I rarely write a full-paged entry because I feel the need to update blogs and all the online pages I have created over the years. I truly think something positive will come out of this decision. I’ve already wrote in my diary so much these past few days, and it makes me feel extra-happy(!)
Of course, there’s always people who’ll say “Oh, you’ll be back“, but that’s okay, because those are the unsupportive people who’ll never leave, anyway. Right now, the only vibes I accept are positive ones.

So, adios social networking and au revoir monthly blog -It’s been groovy!